Our History

Our History

Our way forward!

REPA has grown over the years, achieving numerous milestones and establishing roadmaps. Our dedicated team, with a strategic vision, drives success in a competitive research and education landscape. From the start, our goal has been to foster a dynamic, flexible research and learning environment, focusing on academic and social empowerment to enhance lifestyles through recent developments.



In 2009, a group of on-campus students conceptualized a plan to contribute to society by serving as paid and volunteer lecturers in their free time, aiming to transform traditional educational trends. Despite facing many challenges, their efforts culminated in the inauguration of an academic academy in 2010.



Since its transformation in 2012, the Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA) has expanded to meet society's most urgent needs in research and education. This growth represents a new iteration of the 2010 academy’s concept. REPA's sporadic yet effective contributions have been highly appreciated.



In 2019, the senior management team implemented globally accepted organizational standards and codes to enhance the association's operations. This initiative led to significant positive changes within the organization.



In 2020, the Research and Education Promotion Association (REPA) underwent significant reform, revising its internal rules and regulations, and extending services. This expansion engaged tens of scholars, experts, and researchers. At REPA, we embrace change and continuously evolve with the times.

Vision Strategically integrating academic society and innovatively merging services.
Commitment Prioritizing humanity and working towards societal empowerment through shared benefits.
Mission Nurturing academic creativity and innovation.
Culture Generating tangible market value, ensuring authentic success, and avoiding misleading appearances.
Strategy 1. Organization Level Strategy: Top Management aligns the mission with strategy - Executive Committee.
2. Business Level Strategy: Middle Management designs and runs the business - Head of Departments.
3. Departmental/Functional Level Strategy: Lower Management facilitates and implements plans to achieve organizational goals - Operation Team.
Value Promoting creativity, originality, diversity, flexibility, affordability, and sustainability.
Reliance Upholding humanity, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, balance, standards, independence, and sustainability.
Expectation Aiming to reciprocate life's abundant blessings with humble contributions.